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We give because God has first given to us.

Thank you to everyone who has been financially supporting the Parish at a time when collections are not being taken up at Mass. Your ongoing generosity has ensured that we have remained in a stable financial position.

Recently we received approval from the Diocese to undertake work on the flat roof adjacent to the church. The work is needed to mend the leaks and make the Hall, Sacristy, and meeting rooms watertight. The work will cost £60,000 and I thank those who have already made a contribution to the cost.

We have been submitting six grant applications and it has been great to see three of these come in, bringing in a total of £18,000. These have come from the National Lottery Community Fund, the Living Our Faith Diocesan Fund and Allchurches Trust. This has been put towards the total already raised by you.

Thank you to all who have currently donated!

I realise that many people’s incomes have been adversely affected by the current crisis. However, this is an ideal time to do much-needed work to our Parish facilities precisely because they are not currently in use. If we can raise this money without using the money in the Parish Account, we would be in a strong position looking to the future.

This seems very achievable if we consider that 300 households contributing £200 each would raise the money required. Please contact us if you would like to contribute towards our roof fund.

English Martyrs church in Reading has been blessed with a grant of £10,000 from the National Lottery Community Fund to help towards fixing our parish hall roof.

The National Lottery Community Fund is aimed at supporting the people and communities most affected by COVID-19 by building on and strengthening the connections, organisation and resilience which enables communities to thrive.

The hall at English Martyrs is a thriving part of Reading community, hosting a variety of charity fundraising events, support groups, and community outreach projects, as well as working in close partnership with several local charities. Last winter the hall acted as night shelter through some of the coldest winter nights, supporting those individuals suffering from homelessness.

During the pandemic, we have been keeping in touch with individuals and groups who use our hall regularly, and we know that they are deeply missing our facilities and the ability to meet together, and we are over the moon that we can now begin work to fix our leaking roof, meaning that once lockdown ends, we can open our doors to our community once more.

Thank you to the National Lottery and to the Government for enabling the parish to work towards reopening our hall as soon as possible. @TNLCommunityFund