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Church is not just a place to attend but it is a community to be part of.

We want to build a community that develops open, honest and genuine relationships, enabling us to support each other as we seek to be more Christ-like. Meeting with others, on their own journey, helps us to grow our relationship with others and with God.

We have various groups that meet during the week.


These groups meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly to offer people the opportunity to journey with others in their personal faith in the person of Jesus.

Some groups look at the readings for the upcoming Mass, whilst others, through catechesis, are growing in their understanding of their Catholic faith or meet to talk through a book of the Bible.

During the current time, all groups have moved online.


These groups meet weekly and are less formal than discipleship groups.  They offer an opportunity to meet with other parishioners and share life together.

During the current time, all groups have moved online.


Worship lies at the centre of all that we do; whether this is sung worship, adoration or prayer. We live to worship the God who lovingly created us.


Our young people are the next generation of Church and at English Martyrs, we have a great team of people willing to walk with them as they grow in their faith of Jesus and partake in the Sacraments.