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LOOK ..For children aged 4-9 : ICHTHUS ..For children aged 8+



3rd Jan  10th Jan  17th Jan  24th Jan 31st Jan
Look 3rd Jan Look 10th Jan  Look 17th Jan Look 24th Jan Look 31st Jan
Ichthus 3rd Jan Ichthus 10th Jan  Ichthus 17th Jan Ichthus 24th Jan Ichthus 31st Jan


7th Feb 14th Feb  21st Feb 28th Feb
LOOK 7th Feb LOOK 14th Feb  LOOK 21st Feb LOOK 28th Feb
Ichthus 7th Feb Ichthus 14th Feb  Ichthus 21st Feb Ichthus 28th Feb


7th Mar 14th Mar  21st Mar Palm Sunday
LOOK 7th Mar LOOK 14th Mar  LOOK 21st Mar LOOK 28th Mar
Ichthus 7th Mar Ichthus 14th Mar  Ichthus 21st Mar Ichthus 28th Mar


Easter Sunday 11th Apr  18th Apr 25th Apr
LOOK 4th Apr LOOK 11th Apr  LOOK 18th Apr LOOK 25th Apr
Ichthus 4th Apr Ichthus 11th Apr  Ichthus 18th Apr Ichthus 25th Apr


Pentecost Pastoral Letter
2nd May 9th May  16th May Pentecost Holy Trinity
LOOK 2nd May LOOK 9th May LOOK 16th May  LOOK 23rd May LOOK 30th May
Ichthus 2nd May Ichthus 9th May  Ichthus 16th May Ichthus 23rd May Ichthus 30th May


Corpus Christi 13th June  20th June 27th June
LOOK 6th June LOOK 13th June  LOOK 20th June LOOK 27th June
Ichthus 6th June Ichthus 13th June  Ichthus 20th June Ichthus 27th June


4th July 11th July 18th July 25th July
LOOK 4th July LOOK 11th July  LOOK 18th July LOOK 25th July
IIchthus 4th July Ichthus 11th July  Ichthus 18th July Ichthus 25th July


1st Aug 8th Aug  15th Aug 22nd Aug 29th Aug
LOOK 1st Aug LOOK 8th Aug  LOOK 15th Aug LOOK 22nd Aug LOOK 29th Aug
Ichthus 1st Aug Ichthus 8th Aug  Ichthus 15th Aug Ichthus 22nd Aug  Ichthus 29th Aug


5th Sept 12th Sept  19th Sept 26th Sept
Look 5th Sept Look 12th Sept  Look 19th Sept LOOK 26th Sept
Ichthus 5th Sept Ichthus 12th Sept Ichthus 19th Sept Ichthus 26th Sept