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The Saints in the Domestic Church

The Saints are not supermen (or women), nor were they born perfect. When they recognised God’s love they filled it and served others (Pope Francis). The Saints are incredible role models for us and our families.  It shouldn’t take too long for any family to find a Saint they have a particular devotion to.

STEP ONE : Celebrate Feast Days

Everyone loves a party! Why not turn some of the feast days into parties with your families. You can celebrate by picking food-related to that particular Saint, dress in their national colours maybe even try some of the national food!

Perhaps, on St. Patrick’s feast day, have an Irish stew for dinner alongside eating all things green, dress up in green and maybe learn St Patrick’s prayer:

May the Strength of God pilot us. May the Power of God preserve us. May the Wisdom of God instruct us. May the Hand of God protect us.
STEP TWO: Learn about particular Saints

With so many Saints, you may find you’re celebrating a feast day every week, in which case, perhaps just choose a few.  These could be the Saints whose feasts fall on your birthdays, you share names with or are the patron Saint of your country, school or Parish.

Once you have picked a few, hopefully with feasts spread out through the year, spend time leading up to the feast learning about the Saint. Where did they come from? What did they do? What are they patron Saint of?  Learn the prayers to them and see how they can help your family in your everyday life.