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Closer to Christ

Bringing People Closer to Jesus Christ Through His Church

The objective of our Diocese is to bring people into this relationship with Jesus Christ through His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Now more than ever there is a necessity for us to reach out to those who are spiritually adrift, to share the Good News of the Gospel, so they can find a way to salvation.

To further develop our diocese there is a focus on three areas:

1. Laity

2. Local parish

3. Clergy

Closer to Christ is a fundraising initiative that will deliver resources (pastoral, financial and expertise) for the whole Diocese including here at English Martyrs. It will help to ensure the future viability of our Catholic community by addressing the growing demands.

We want to teach people about Him, to connect people with communities and parishes focused on Him, and to reach out to those who have never heard about Him. The Closer to Christ Campaign will provide new energy and vitality and the financial resources required to fulfil this vision.

Every Catholic throughout the Diocese will be provided with the opportunity to learn more about the Closer to Christ Campaign and its impact. We wish for all parishioners to make an informed decision that is right for them and encourage everyone to ask questions and to give prayerful consideration to their commitment.

You may have already heard of the Closer to Christ Campaign but this will officially be launch during August to the whole parish with the hope that each parishioner will join with us in this journey.

Any giving given through the Closer to Christ Campaign will have a direct impact on parish funds helping us to see our centenary welcome project take shape.

· C L E R G Y ·

Providing for Retired Clergy, Promoting Vocations and Training Seminarians, Supporting Clergy in Active Ministry.

· P A R I S H  ·

Local building campaign to enhance hospitality and welcome.

· L A I T Y ·

On-going faith formation of our parishioners,  Youth Evangelisation, Development of Evangelisation and Social Justice Projects.

“The Closer to Christ Campaign is a ‘call to action’ which invites parishioners to become more fully and sacrificially involved in the life of the Church”

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