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We give because God has first given to us.

At English Martyrs, we believe, that God has given to each of us, in abundance. He is loving towards us and pours out his love and grace upon our lives.  Each one of us has a unique purpose and have been given gifts to fulfil that purpose.

Giving our Time, our Talents and our Treasure help us to become the parish God has called us to be as we seek to make a real difference in the lives of our Parishioners and our local community.

When we give, we draw closer to God.

Choosing to invest in what matters to God, strengthens our faith and relationship with Him.

When we give, we reflect God’s love.

Living a life of giving reflects the heart of God, He loved the world so much he gave his only Son.

When we give, we show our love for people.

Choosing to give helps us to love our neighbour as ourselves, we learn to give to those most in need.

We can give our time; offering whatever time we may have to be at service of what needs to be done.

We can give our talents; offering to use our charisms to serve the parish vision.

We can give our treasure; offering our money to the parish to see the fulfilment of the parish vision.

All are needed within our Parish as we work to live out our vision and impact our local community.