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The Emmaus Groups

Life Is Better Together


Emmaus groups are small groups of parishioners who come together on a regular basis to look at scripture and to journey together.  Often, they look at the Mass readings for the coming Sunday to help them more fully understand and participate at Mass.

There are Emmaus Group meetings every Wednesday morning at 10.30am and every fortnight on Monday evening at 7.00pm via Zoom on the internet or by telephone. If you wish to know more, please contact Richard Kennedy on 0118 941 6015 or at

“I joined an Emmaus Group some few years ago at its inception. At the time, the aim was and still is to form small groups of interested parishioners who could meet at convenient intervals to read excerpts from the Bible, followed by discussions and hopefully learn and be enriched by the Word. We figured that the best way would be to take our readings from the Sunday Missal which drew from the Old and New Testaments as well as the Psalms. The additional benefit was that it enabled us to better understand the readings of the following Sunday. What I found most encouraging is that it did not require any special knowledge of the Bible to join in the group discussions. One was free to ask questions or to seek clarification of any complex text without prejudice. I have learnt so much and my interest in reading the Bible has been greatly enhanced. I would therefore encourage everyone to give the Emmaus Group a trial. God bless you.”

“Emmaus Group helps me to understand what God’s message is to me and later, when I listen at Mass, the Word stays with me. Discussing the readings as a group deepens my faith and the Bible connection to my life today.”

“I find the Emmaus meetings which discuss the readings for the next Sunday invaluable in helping my understanding of the Mass. Before Emmaus, I often couldn’t even remember what the readings were about, even straight after Mass. The Emmaus discussions make me think about the message of the readings and, when I hear them, they mean much more to me than just listening during Mass. Sometimes the meaning of the readings is not obvious. The research done by our leader, Richard, helps to make sense of the difficult readings. He also shows how the different readings and the Gospel are linked. Since attending Emmaus, Mass means so much more to me.”