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Your Journey Starts Here

“Ask Jesus what he wants from you and be brave!”

Pope Francis

You might be reading this page because you are curious about what is involved in becoming a Catholic, or because you desire to join the Catholic Church, or perhaps you have just stumbled upon it. Whatever the reason, we are glad you are here and we hope to help you wherever you may be in your journey into the Catholic Church.

The process may be more involved than you expected, and can often take longer than you thought it would. This is because this journey involves making a firm commitment to God and to the local Catholic community, and is not to be undertaken lightly!

“Jesus Christ loves you; He gave His life to save you; and now He is living at your side every day to enlighten, strengthen and free you.”

– Pope Francis

In the Catholic Church
There is no question “off-limits”
There is no person who cannot find their “fit”
There is no person whom Jesus isn’t calling to find Him more fully


What does it mean to Catholic?
How do I start?
What is the process?
What is RCIA?
How long does it take?

To be Catholic means to be pursuing a life fully alive in Christ. This means pursuing Jesus in personal prayer and especially in the Sacraments,  building community in the Church, placing your whole life at the disposal of Jesus, and striving to live a life of holiness, as laid out for us by Jesus in the Scriptures and Holy Tradition.

To be a Catholic takes your whole life and is one where you can encounter the joy of God each and every day.

The question: "What does it look like for me to be Catholic?" is a question that only God can answer! It will look different for each person depending on how they choose to live out their faith.

You're in the right place if you are wanting to start the process of becoming a Catholic.  One of the best things to do is have a chat with someone who can answer any particular questions you may have.

Fill out this form and someone from the Parish will be in touch to organise a time to meet and to start a covnersation.

Becoming Catholic is a process that involves building your own personal relationship with Jesus, investing in the Church community, receiving knowledge of Christ and His Church, and going through several different 'rites' to become 'fully initiated'.

For those who have already been baptized in another Christian denomination, at the end of your journey (really, just the beginning of a new journey!) you will receive your first Holy Communion and Confirmation.

If you have never been baptized, you will go through the same process, but you will also be received into the Church first through baptism.

Being Catholic, however, is a lifelong pursuit and as a Parish, we will continue to support you as you grow in your faith.

RCIA (stands for Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) is the official name for the process of becoming Catholic, you may also hear it called Journey In Faith (JIF).

This involves teachings, classes, meetings with a sponsor, rites within Mass, and finally, receiving your sacraments in the Church.

This depends on each person. Most people invest at least a year - it takes a long time to learn what it means to be Catholic, as well as to wrestle with questions and build relationships within the Church. But there is no set timetable and no rush. Some people take one year, others take two or more. 

What matters is that you are walking in step with God - He will reveal the right timing for you