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Supporting Ukraine

Help us to support those who are caught in the conflict in Ukraine.

Why is it a priority?

“…..and I will show you my faith by what I do”

James 2.18

As the conflict in Ukraine continues, we choose to continue to stand with Ukraine and to work with churches, organisations and individuals to get the much needed items into Ukraine and into the hands that need it most.

As a parish we have, so far, taken aid directly into Ukraine on four occasions. In between these trips we work with two other organisations that ensure all humanitarian aid reaches the people of Ukraine.

Humanitarian Aid

We have created an Amazon Wishlist to help people see the medical supplies we are asking for. There are other online retailers where the items can also be purchased.  It is possible to order items to be delivered to the parish using the address at the bottom of the website.

Some of our donations have been used to help those in Lviv who have fled the war in their own Eastern cities, we have been able to support the creation of food parcels to support them, donate necessities for their babies such as nappies and baby food as well as personal hygiene products for others in their family.

We have been able to support children’s hospitals further East in Ukraine with medication, food and hygiene products for the children displaced by the war, some of who have been hurt or have lost their parents.

We have also been able to send much needed medical supplies East to the soldiers on the frontline along with food parcels to help sustain them as they defend their nation. The first aid and medical supplies have been very much appreciated and continue to be the items most requested.

Not only have we been sending aid into Ukraine, we have been able to bring families (and their dogs) across Europe and to a new life in the UK.

The conflict is not over and the need increases with each day.  We have been to create relationships with churches, schools and volunteer organisations within Ukraine that ensure that what we give reaches those most in need.