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The Domestic Church

The Chuch is a family of families, constantly enriched by the lives of all those Domestic Churches

What is the ‘Domestic Church’?

The Domestic Church is you, your family, with all the joys and trials, laughter and tears that encompasses it.  The Domestic Church is the everyday, every day journeying together as a family to know Jesus more.  It is believing that how you live your faith in your families, parishes and community has a ripple effect that changes the world.

Why is it a priority?

Sunday Mass is 1 hour out of the week, there are another 167 hours in each week many of which are spent in our families.  The Domestic Church helps us to keep our homes and our lives focused on Christ as we show our children  the importance of truly living our faith on a daily basis.

“Catholic parents must learn to form their family as a “Domestic Church,” a church in the home as it were, where God is honored, his law is respected, prayer is a normal event, virtue is transmit­ted by word and example, and everyone shares the hopes, the problems and sufferings of everyone else. All this is not to advocate a return to some outdated style of living: It is to return to the roots of human development and human happiness!”       

Pope John Paul II

How can my family become a Domestic Church?

Getting started is often the hardest part and so we have put together some ideas based around 4 areas that could help change your family home into a Domestic Church.


Praying with your children is a very simple way to be a Domestic Church.

Consider beginning with prayers at Meals, the “Bless us, O Lord” prayer is an easy one for all the family to remember and forms a great habit for your little ones.


Being the Domestic Church helps your children in their Sacramental preparation.

Participating as a family, whether this is going to Mass, Baptisms or Confessions will help your children understand how each Sacrament enriches their lives as they grow in their relationship with God.


The saints can be an encouragement for each of us as we try to live our lives for God.

As a family, you can choose a Saint, learn together of their life, how they served God and the church and see how their influence can shape your family life.


Our homes can become a place that reminds us of God through how we choose to decorate them.

Placing a crucifix in a prominent place in our homes will remind us of Jesus and all that he did for us, perhaps one in your children’s bedrooms will give them a focus for when they pray.

The family is, so to speak, the domestic church (LG11)